Web Design & Custom Applications

Whether you need an informative web presence or a high-powered database and e-commerce site, Hallmark Software & Engineering's team of professionals can get you up and running in a hurry.

Easy-To-Use Navigation

An easy-to-use navigation is the first step in creating a satisfying user experience. The main goal in designing any web site is effectively presenting the content to the user. We accomplish this goal by using well-designed navigation.

Dynamic Content

Users expect the content of your web site to be up-to-date - we give you the means to make that happen.

We'll work with you to integrate from any number of sources, including facebook, Twitter, google+, google Sheets, blogs, integrated eCommerce or put the power of a custom database or complete web-based application under the hood of your web site.

From Getting Started to IT Support

Depending on your needs, Hallmark Software & Engineering can assist you - working with a network of established companies to:

  • Secure your domain name
  • Hosting - from low-cost web hosting to co-Located servers
  • Email - for one to company-wide emails
  • From integrating services from available companies to a solution that is completely Customized and Independent
  • On-Line Sales: From a Donate Button to real-time Credit Card Processing for large inventories
  • From pointing you in the right direction to Designing, Building and Maintaining your site
  • From a business card site to a complete Marketing Campaign
  • Assist you in purchasing your first computer to Building a Wide Area Network

Custom Software Application

You’re a good candidate for custom software when…

  • You consistently fill out paper forms with pen or pencil
  • You frequently use a handheld calculator or adding machine
  • You enter the same data into more than one system
  • Your legacy system is about to be taken off-line
  • You do a lot of copying and pasting between programs
  • You constantly ask “I wish I knew how much we spent/made on…”
  • You review printouts for data that you can enter into a spreadsheet for reports
  • You have data on multiple disparate systems - you need Integration or Reporting capabilities
  • You need to streamline but can’t afford to change many employee habits
  • You often think or say “There must be an easier way to do this!”

There is. Hallmark Software & Engineering specializes in designing and building software solutions.

Like a skilled architect, we analyze your needs to produce accurate system “blueprints” (called design documents). Next, we build a scale model of your system (called a working prototype). We refine this model until your software not only meets, but exceeds your needs. We help you ”move in” by getting important historical data converted from your old system and training your users so they are comfortable and skilled at using your system.

Building on a .Net platform your custom application can stay local on your Intranet or be made available to your corporate sites or the world via the Interrnet.


Just as every great house starts with a great blueprint, every great software application starts with a great design.

Sure Foundation
The foundation of any application is its database. A poor database design results in significantly more programming, far less flexibility, and a much higher potential for bugs. A well-designed database, on the other hand, results in:

  • Less programming
  • More flexibility
  • Reliable applications

If terms like relational database, normalization, primary key, referential integrity, and minimal redundancy mean anything to you, you can be assured they mean a lot to us, too. These and other principles guide us in establishing a sure foundation that can be constructed on any standard database product.

Solid Construction
As far as developing software goes, we strive for the smallest, cleanest programs possible using proven development tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office/Visual Basic
  • SQL Server
  • IDS

We believe that just because a program works doesn't mean it's done; we insist on refining our code to provide you with the best, most dependable applications possible using the best tools available.

Straight-Forward Applications
We aim to put tools in the hands of users that they can master in a short period of time. We accomplish this by creating user interfaces that are simple to use, consistent throughout, and employ a minimal number of different objects such as:

  • Text, list, combo, and check boxes
  • Data grids
  • Tree controls
  • Extensive Reporting

Beautiful applications without flashing lights, explosions, smoke, or mirrors. User-friendly. Expandable. Simple. Solid. And built on a sure foundation.